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  • LTI provides on-the-job coaching services lasting a few days to several months, depending on our client’s needs.
  • The professional team at LTI excels at helping individuals explore employment opportunities based on their abilities.
  • We find training opportunities for individuals with employment barriers, which then extends to job placement with that current employer
  • Starting a business requires careful planning. LTI provides many services to execute a plan in motion.


Life’s Transitions, Inc.

Serving the entire Southeast region of Wisconsin, Life’s Transitions, Inc (LTI) serves disabled and disadvantaged individuals in finding employment, retaining employment, and to excel and find better work opportunities within their job or beyond, allowing them independence and the self-worth that comes with employment. We also assist people of varying abilities to transition from school to work and post-secondary education.

The LTI Mission Statement

Life Transition, Inc’s goal is to enable disabled and disadvantaged individuals to find meaningful employment within the community while maximizing their abilities and/or fostering healthy life styles.

LTI Services include:

  • School Transitional Services
  • Vocational Evaluations
  • Career Assessment Services
  • Employment Assistance
  • On-Site Job Coaching
  • Job Placement
  • Job Retention services
  • Transportation
  • Entrepreneur Start

The individuals we serve come from varying walks of life, including disabled and disadvantaged individuals on public assistance, people recovering from alcohol, drug, and other addictions, people with cognitive disabilities and psychiatric disorders, and ex-offenders.

If you, or someone you love, can benefit from our comprehensive employment-related, assistance services for people with varying abilities, contact Life’s Transitions, Inc. right away. Visit our Services Page for more detailed information.

Five Things That Set Us Apart

We provide one-on-one mentoring. We know each individual and we identify each individual’s unique need(s), key area(s) of development and work to address them.

We institute a two week mandatory volunteer pilot to allow participants the opportunity to acquire references for those who have little to no work history.

We are ran and led by a local leadership community that is able to communicate with participants at their level of communication and understanding.

We help people by empowering them, and giving them opportunities that benefit their long Gevity vs. quick fixes.

By leading individuals to employment, they build job attainment and economic stability in the Southeastern WI. This reduces poverty’s negative impacts, which affect us all; this is what we all want, right!

Life’s Transitions, Inc. - 1220 Mound Ave. Suite 301 - Racine, WI 53404
Phone: Toll-free: 1-877-678-0743 - Local: 1-262-456-5194 - Fax: 1-877-260-1169 - E-mail: info@lifes-transitions.org
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